Figure 1- 90 Ball Bingo Game

Table of Contents
A- How to play 90 Ball Bingo
B- Buying Cards
C- Current Game Info
D- Next Game Info
E- Table Chat

A- How to play 90 Ball Bingo
• Bingo cards have random numbers ranging from 1 to 90; numbers are called from a pool of 90 balls and are marked off on the player’s cards if they match. The winner is the first player whose card has all the matching balls marked of in a predefined pattern.
• A 90-ball Bingo game is normally played in three stages. Stage 1 (One Line) is achieved if the player correctly mark off any horizontal line (figure 1 below).
• Stage 2 (Two Lines) is achieved if the player correctly mark off any 2 horizontal lines (figure 2 below).
• Stage 3 (Full House) is achieved if the player correctly mark off all 3 horizontal lines (figure 3 below).
•In 90-ball games the cards have 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical columns. Each line contains five numbers; therefore each card totals 15 numbers. The first column contains numbers from 1-10; the second column 11-20, the third 21-30, the fourth 31-40, the fifth 41-50, the sixth 51-60, the seventh 61-70, the eighth 71-80 and the ninth 81-90.
• Once the game has begun you can watch as the numbers are automatically called and marked off on your cards. The computer will call out in random order all Bingo balls. If a user’s card contains the called number that number is marked off. The marked off squares form a pattern on the card. This pattern is compared to the computers reference pattern, and if they match, the player wins Bingo for that game.
See figure below

• While the game is in progress, the leaderboard will indicate which cards are closest to winning Bingo. This reflects the leading cards from all the players in a given game. See figure below

• Your cards will automatically change from: Bingo in 4, to bingo in 3, to bingo in 2 etc until you have 0 to go until Bingo. If you have 0 to go, you then get Bingo and win the game.  See figure below.

Your name will then pop up saying that you were the winner of that game.

B- Buying Cards:
•When the payer logs into the site, he will have the opportunity to buy cards for the next Bingo game by clicking on the 'Buy Cards' button. The time till the next game is indicated as well as the amount of cards that the player currently holds. The information for the next Bingo game (One Line, Two Lines, Full House, Jackpot, Megavault, number of players, pattern) is displayed in the top right hand side of the Bingo screen.

•If already in a Bingo game, the player can buy cards by clicking on the small 'buy' button below the cards. The prize for the next game is indicated to the left of the button.

•The Buy Cards pop-up screen appears when you click the 'buy' button. It consists of 3 tabs: Quick Buy, Select Cards and Autoplay. On the Quick Buy tab you can select the number of cards you would like to buy by clicking on the pre-defined buttons (min cards, 6, 12, 24, max cards) or by individually increasing/decreasing the number of cards you hold by clicking the < or > buttons. The number of cards you select will be indicated as well as the cost. The info for the next game that the player is buying into, is displayed on the left: the time till the next game starts; One Line, Two Lines and Full House Prizes; Jackpot; Mega Vault as well as the cost per card for the next game and the bonus cards. The number of bonus cards will vary from Game to Game; you will see for example 3:1. This simply means that in the next game you can buy 3 cards and get 1 free.

Clicking the Buy button
If the player is playing in a Bingo room where Colossal Lotto is not enabled, clicking the 'Buy' button, will purchase the cards specified and return the player to the Bingo screen.

If the player is playing in a room where Colossal Lotto is active, clicking the 'Buy' button will take the player to the Colossal Lotto buy screen (see Colossal Lotto info further down). Click the 'Skip Lotto' button to ignore Colossal Lotto and return to the Bingo screen:

•The Select Cards tab allows you to select specific cards that you want to purchase. You can either select a whole row of cards, by clicking on the "Select Row" button, or you can select cards by clicking on them individually. Once a card is selected, the colour changes from grey to a specific colour. Each card denomination has got a specific colour. To change the selection, click on the "Change" button at the bottom, which will reset all chosen cards to unselected. Clicking the ">" button will turn to the next page of cards; clicking the "<" button will switch to the previous page of cards. Clicking the 'Buy' button will purchase the selected cards and return the player to the Bingo screen. See Figure below

•On the Autoplay tab the player can specify various autoplay conditions. The Autoplay feature can be turned on by either clicking on the big button on the left, or by clicking on the 'Turn On' button at the bottom. See Figure below

• Once you have chosen the cards that you would like to buy, click on the BUY NOW button to buy cards for the next bingo game. The card prices will vary from game to game depending on which Bingo room you are playing in
• When playing in 90-Ball Bingo room which is open for real cash only, players wont be able to buy cards using their Bonus Bucks balance. To buy cards and join the game players need to have sufficient funds in their real cash balance, otherwise he/she will be asked if he/she wants to purchase additional credits. All winnings generated from playing real cash will be paid in to real cash balance.
• When playing in 90-Ball Bingo room which is open for Bonus Bucks (available on Mobile product only), players wont be able to buy cards using their reach cash balance. To buy cards and join the game players need to have sufficient funds in their Bonus Bucks balance. Players can collect more Bonus Bucks by redeeming special bonus offers, climbing loyalty levels, taking part in weekly promotions and playing chat room games. Winnings generated from playing with Bonus Bucks are paid in to Bonus Bucks balance. Bonus Bucks cannot be withdrawn, but can be converted to real cash at the specified conversion rate after the first deposit.
•Each 90-Ball Bingo game has a minimum and maximum allowable number of cards. To qualify for a game the player has to buy at least the minimum, and no more than the maximum allowable number of cards.

• C- Current Game Info:

• In 90 ball Bingo you will be eligible to win a prize if you get Bingo on any of the following 3 patterns:
One Line, Two Line and Full House.

• The prize amount depends on the number of players participating in the game and the number of cards purchased.

• If a player gets Bingo on the One Line pattern, the player will be credited accordingly with the One Line prize. The One Line prize cannot be won again during that game. Once the One Line prize has been won, the Two Line prize becomes available. Once the Two Line prize has been won, the Full House prize becomes available.

• Jackpot : All games are played for a Jackpot. The Jackpot is won by the first player to achieve bingo within a certain predefined “number of balls”. If there is no winner of the Jackpot in a certain game, then the jackpot is rolled over to the next game. Jackpots are site specific and can thus only be won by players playing the game within that specific site. Jackpots can be changed and can vary according to hours of play and patterns.
If the jackpot is won it will automatically reset back to the minimum jackpot amount that is set for that hour. If the jackpot is won by a non qualified player (Player who has not made a first deposit) the jackpot amount won will then be added back into the next Jackpot.

• MegaVault : The MegaVault is a Progressive Jackpot and varies proportionally to the card price played. It is played across all participating DAUB Gaming sites, and so it is possible for the jackpot to be won at another participating site. The starting value for this jackpot is £10,000 for a £1 card, and therefore £1,000 for a 10p card, etc.

The MegaVault Prize can only be won when a Full House pattern is playing. If there is going to be a Full House playing then a little ‘i’ will appear below the MegaVault meter. See Figure 9 below. If you click on the little ‘i', a pop up window will appear on your screen, which specifies the number of cards required to be eligible for the MegaVault jackpot: See Figure 10 below.

The MegaVault is funded at a rate of 1% of bingo wagering. In the unlikely event that the MegaVault is won at two participating sites at a very close to the same time, then the jackpot amount displayed may not have had sufficient time to correctly reflect the initial win. In this case, the first player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the Progressive Jackpot payout and the second player to hit the jackpot will be awarded the starting value as stated above.

Where the progressive jackpot is won (i.e. the specified number of balls to Bonanza / MegaVault is achieved) during a bingo game, then the regular jackpot is carried forward to the next bingo game. In other words, the regular jackpot is not won during the same game where a progressive jackpot has been won.

Balls to Jackpot - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls he will win the jackpot. The balls to jackpot is indicated by the number in brackets in the jackpot textbox.
Balls to MegaVault - If a player gets bingo within the specified number of balls to MegaVault, they will win the MegaVault. The balls to MegaVault is indicated by the number in brackets in the Mega Vault textbox.
Card price - Each game can have a different price per card set. Price denominations can vary from game to game. Some games may offer free cards on a preset buy-in ratio.
The total amount of players – This will vary from game to game depending on how many players are participating in that particular bingo game.
Mini Games- If there is going to be a mini game in the next bingo game, the name and type of Mini game will appear in the Mini Game textbox.


• D- Next Game Info

When the player logs into the site and is not currently playing a Bingo game, the next game information is displayed in the top right section (as indicated above). If the player is currently playing a Bingo game, the prize for the next game is visible in the 'Next Prize' box below the player's cards (see image below).
Opening the quick buy pop-up (by clicking the 'Buy' button) will show the information for the next game.

Opening the quick buy pop-up (by clicking the 'Buy' button) will show the information for the next game.

E- Chat
You can chat to other players through the chat interface. To open the chat interface press the 'Open Chat' option in the Menu dropdown at the top of the screen (if it is not open already).

This chat is moderated by chat leaders. To chat to other players type in the bottom text area and press 'send'. The message will be posted on the chat board. To close the chat board, just click the "x" button.

• F- Colossal Lotto

What is Colossal Lotto?
Colossal Lotto is an extra bet game that plays on top of the regular bingo game. It is completely optional to play. Choose between 1 and 5 numbers. If all of the numbers appear during the first 15 bingo calls, you're a winner! To play Colossal Lotto, look for either the '75 + Lotto' or the '90 + Lotto' on the Bingo Menu and press the "Play" button (see image below).

When you are in the Bingo screen you should see the Colossal Lotto and Bingo logo's. To purchase cards click on the "Buy Cards" button.

Buying a lotto card
The player can only buy one Colossal Lotto card per game.
The Colossal Lotto game cannot be played separately from the Bingo game.

Autoplay can be configured to buy Colossal Lotto cards for the player. If the player wants to choose their own numbers, they must buy a Colossal Lotto card and choose their numbers. When autoplay is activated it will play the numbers the player chose for each consecutive game until new numbers are chosen or autoplay is stopped.

Autoplay will play the last numbers chosen by the player, even if the player logs out and log back in at a later stage; i.e. the player activates autoplay and uses the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for Colossal Lotto; The player logs out and upon logging back in the next day activates autoplay without choosing new Colossal Lotto numbers. The game will use the same numbers (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to play the Colossal Lotto game.

If the player has never played Colossal Lotto before and do not choose their own numbers before activating autoplay, the game will pick 5 random numbers for the player. The game will play the same random numbers for each consecutive game until the player chooses new numbers.
After clicking the "Buy Cards" button, the purchase screen will appear (below). The player first puchases cards for the Bingo game.

When the player clicks the green "Buy Cards" button the Lotto Card buy screen appears (below).

1. Countdown to next Bingo game.
2. Prizes that could be won for Lotto.
Prizes are paid out on number of balls selected, i.e. if you choose 2 numbers, you must get 2 numbers correct to win the prize, choosing 5 numbers means you have to get all 5 numbers correct to win the prize and so on.
Prizes will dynamically change as you select more numbers.
All selected numbers must appear within the first 15 bingo calls.
Prizes are locked in and won't share, even if there are multiple winners.
Prizes can vary on a per game basis depending on how games are scheduled. There is no fixed pay table.
For ticket prices of 20p and above, the RTP (Return to Player)=85%.
For a 10p game the RTP (Return to Player)=90%.
There are no ticket prices below 10p.
3. Magic Wand auto selects 5 numbers for you.
4. Trash can removes any number selections you have already made.
5. click to select between 1 - 5 lotto numbers (1-75 for 75 ball Bingo or 1-90 for 90 ball Bingo).
6. Select your lotto card cost. The higher you pay for your card, the greater your prizes will be.
8. Skip puchasing lotto card. Selecting this option will let you play normal Bingo without Lotto.
9. Your chance of winning. Choosing less than 5 numbers increases the chance of winning.
10. Return to the previous page (Bingo card purchase).

Colossal Lotto is only played during the first 15 balls of the bingo game.
When the bingo game starts, a bingo board will show your selected numbers (min 1, max 5). They will tick off as you get matches.

Colossal Lotto winners will be shown immediately after the first 15 balls are called and again at the end of the bingo game. Colossal Lotto winners will also be announced on chat.
In the event that the Colossal Lotto game and the Bingo game are won at the same time, the game pays both wins. If the Bingo game is won before the Colossal Lotto game has finished (before 15 balls has been called), the Colossal Lotto bet will be refunded to the player and the wins are not paid for Colossal Lotto but Bingo prize will be awarded. If the Colossal Lotto is won first and then the Bingo is won (after the 15th ball), the game will pay for both the wins. 
You can also view your game history to see if you've won colossal lotto in the past via: Menu > my account > gaming history. The Colossal Lotto log can be is in a separate log than the Bingo game, but uses the same game ID as both games are played simultaneously.

Colossal Payout and RTP
The maxpayout for Colossal Lotto is £ 50 000.

The Return to Player: 85%.

The table below shows the payout per numbers matched for all bet sizes in Bingo 90.

Bet SizeMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5

When the payout limit is reached, RTP is reduced: £5 match 5 returns 68%, while £10 match 5 returns 34%.

When can I play Colossal Lotto?
To see when colossal lotto is active, check for the lotto icon in the game menu.

I'm not interested in Colossal Lotto
No problem. You can easily disable the colossal lotto purchase screen from popping up.
Open the game, then click Menu > Settings > Untick: Show Colossal Lotto popup after I buy bingo cards > OK


Impact of Disconnection
Once a player has purchased cards for a game, then no further game interaction is required from the player to complete that game. Thus, in the event of a player being disconnected, the game will be completed without a player's presence, and all winnings will be credited to the player's account.
If a player has purchased cards for the subsequent Bingo or Colossal Lotto game and that game had not yet started at the time of disconnection, the game will be completed and the player can see the result in game logs after the next login.
Please note that if a player is disconnected while playing a currently active bingo game, then the player will only be able to log in again after that game has completed.


Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.